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UPS Maintenance

Installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply with batteries is an excellent way to protect your mission-critical systems. However, there is no guarantee of continual power if no periodic maintenance has been performed. In such a case, the purpose of having a UPS, battery, or generator is defeated. If you are not covered under a contract, an on-site emergency service visit to trouble-shoot can be very expensive. Therefore, it is very important to perform recommended periodic maintenance on your critical power equipment. At TPS, we guarantee peace of mind for our customers when they sign a service contract with us.

TPS can supply your business with the highest quality and most cost-effective power solutions designed to match your business needs. Coupled with our extensive experience in Critical Power Maintenance, we can ensure optimum performance from your existing critical power systems and extend the life of your UPS and related equipment.

We have tailored our maintenance check list based on the make and model you have, and our test procedures surpass any other third-party service provider’s check list.

As part of our proactive approach to ensure your system’s reliability, and knowing that your mission-critical systems are operational 24/7, all our maintenance plans that involve UPS systems going into bypass mode are performed during our customer-preferred maintenance window. In addition, our field service engineers carry most critical parts and necessary test equipment with them in order to tackle any unforeseen problems emanating from the maintenance. Our field service engineers also have access to our 24/7 technical support team.

uninterruptible power supply maintenance

Our maintenance package includes:

    Environmental checks

    UPS functional testing

    UPS and battery integrity test

    Battery assessment

    Customer loads evaluation

    Grounding requirements checks

    Summary of work performed

    Deficiencies noted during visit

    Recommendations for remedial work

    Data Centers.

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