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Flooded Battery Maintenance

Flooded cells (also called Wet cells) are used with UPS systems, rectifiers, converters, and inverters. Most of the wet cells carry a design life of 20 years and the manufacturers normally carry 5-full and 15-year pro-rata warranties, provided batteries are maintained properly and reports are provided to the manufacturer. In the event of no maintenance history, battery manufacturers may refuse to honor warranty replacements.

Why Batteries Fail? Following are the most common reasons why a battery fails prematurely.

    Installation problems (improper mounting, loose connections on terminal, improper torque)

    Improper charging (voltage/current)

    Excessive discharge/charge cycling

    Ambient temperature (batteries not installed in a temperature-controlled environment)

    Manufacturing defects

If you look at the above reasons, you see that most failures are caused either by the site or by your power equipment. Thus, it is important to have a good, knowledgeable service provider to take care of your critical power systems.

As part of our maintenance program, we offer cost-effective maintenance solutions to our customers, yet follow the best maintenance practices recommended by IEEE for flooded cells.

Our maintenance procedures includes environmental checks, testing all cells with a Midtronics battery analyzer, checking cell temperatures, checking torque, checking specific gravity, ripple voltage, ripple current, charge, voltage, equalize voltage and more…

Readings obtained during the preventive maintenance are provided to our customer via web-enabled reports, thereby allowing comparison with previous test results.

Spill containment system

    Tristar understands that safety is an important aspect of any battery installation, so we make sure our customers have sufficient spill containment systems in battery rooms. We also supply a full and versatile line of spill containment systems for any flooded or VRLA battery system.

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