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SLA Battery Maintenance

Availability of power to your critical loads during a power outage or fluctuation is fully dependent on the batteries. This dependency on the batteries requires the batteries to be correctly maintained on a regular basis.

In our 60-plus years of combined experience, we have found that over 80% of UPS failures are due to battery faults. Cells within a string can become weak and build up their internal resistance or, in the worst case, become an open circuit. Also, if the UPS system has only one single string of batteries, there can be a catastrophic failure because, when the UPS system switches to battery mode, the batteries are unable to provide necessary back up as one single cell has failed and is open circuit, causing the entire UPS to shutdown and interrupt power to critical load. Thus, the purpose of having a UPS and batteries will be defeated if the batteries cannot support your loads when you need them. A preventive maintenance on the battery system will help identify any problems in your battery string.

Depending on the nature of your business, the number of battery strings, and aging factors, the various TPS battery preventive maintenance programs are custom designed to best suit your needs.

All our battery preventive-maintenance visits are performed by a UPS field service engineer. Our UPS and battery preventive-maintenance visits are performed at the same time to avoid multiple site-visits scheduling and to verify the integrity of your UPS and battery systems.

We use latest state-of-the-art test equipment, such as Midtronics battery analyzers, Fluke Clamp, RMS and IR meters during our preventive maintenance visits. Readings obtained during the preventive maintenance visits are provided to our customers via web-enabled reports, allowing them to compare it with previous test results.

TPS is the only company in the industry to provide web-enabled reports that allow comparing with the previous test results to trend the battery performance.

SLA Battery Maintenance

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