24/7 Support 952-233-2019      

24/7 Emergency Site Service

All our customer calls are professionally managed 24/7/365. To make our customers’ lives simple, we have only one number (1-888-937-0905) to reach us 24/7/365. In addition, each of our contract customers has access to cell phone and home phone numbers for their Customer Service Representative (CSR) and field service engineers. We always encourage our customers to dial the toll-free number for tracking your calls so that we may better assist you. During regular business hours, all calls are handled immediately by your CSR; after hours, weekends, and holidays, we respond to customer calls within 15 minutes of receiving the call.

If there is need for a site visit, our on-call Customer Service Representative will dispatch a Field Service Engineer to your site.

Battery Maintenance 24-7 Emergency Service

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